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Medicalization of Queerness

A zine exploring the history of the pathologization of queer people.

Queer Youth and the Child Welfare System

A zine exploring the experiences of queer youth and adults involved in the child welfare system.

No one is too young for queer representation.

A zine debunking the idea that queer representation is only for grown-ups.

To be or not to be (gendered...)

A zine exploring the phenomenon of having a gender as an interaction between self, language, and culture.

Cultural Cisgenderism

A zine exploring how cultural cisgenderism creates and curates our conception of sex and gender.

The Trans Youth Moral Panic Debunked.

A zine exploring the moral panic about queer media "making kids trans."

Gender Dysphoria or Body Dysmorphia?

A zine investigating the differences and entanglements of gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia.

Anti-Fat Bias and the Queer Community

A zine interrogating the effects and prevalence of anti-fat bias in the queer community. 

Queer Holiday Care

A zine offering tools to care for your queer self during the holiday season (and the rest of the year too).

Science, Sex, and Society

This zine explores the intersections of biological sex, gender diversity, and the history of science.

Sex Diversity in Nature

A zine exploring sex diversity in the natural world.

What is Gender Alienation?

A zine introducing and exploring the concept of gender alienation.

Queering Consent

A zine exploring the practice of consent beyond the binary of giving and getting.

What does consent mean?

Back to Basics zine exploring consent.

What is non-monogamy?

Back to Basics zine exploring non-monogamy.

What is monogamy?

Back to Basics zine exploring monogamy.

What does queer mean?

Back to Basics zine exploring the meaning of the term "queer."

What does sex mean?

Back to Basics zine exploring the meaning of the term "sex."

Trauma and the Mind-Body Connection

A A zine exploring the connection between trauma and embodied experience, with Coty Nolin.

What is harm reduction?

A zine exploring the concept of harm reduction and it's intersections with sex education.

Pride is a Protest.

A zine exploring how to hold onto radical queerness, reject rainbow capitalism and reclaim pride.

Yes, No, Maybe: Sexual Inventory Stocklist

A zine all about how to use Scarleteen's Sexual Inventory Stocklist, with Scarleteen!

Gender Expansive Puberty

An educational guide to teaching puberty through a gender expansive lens.

The Complexities of Coming Out

A zine exploring the "coming out" narrative, selectively coming out, the idea of "queer bravery" and more.

Why do I have to come out?

A zine exploring the social and historical context of "coming out."

Community and Healing

A zine exploring the importance of non-clinical, peer-led spaces in healing from sexual violence, with Say It Loud.

Politics of Sustainability

A zine introducing the ideological revolution of rest and relaxation.

Boundaries 101

A zine exploring the process of identifying, communicating, and maintaining boundaries in work, relationships, and sex.

Deconstructing the Human | Nature Binary

A zine exploring the racist history of the binary between humanity and nature and its role in upholding white supremacy, colonization, and environmental injustices today.

Deconstructing the Biological Gender Binary

A zine exploring the origins and myths of the biological gender binary.

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