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How does it work?


We create facilitation packs that are free to download and easy to use. The facilitation packs include a PDF of facilitator notesstep-by-step instructions, and suggested scripts. The in-person facilitation packs include printable hand-outs, while the virtual pack includes slides to accompany the information of the workshop.

Pleasure-Based Consent workshop

Age: 12+ to adult
Time: 2 hours
This training covers the basics of consent, boundaries, and relationship safety with guided group discussions, written reflections, and interactive activities.
Graduates of this training will be able to: 
  • define and use consent-related terminology,
  • identify the different components of consent, 
  • understand the significance of and how to set boundaries,
  • detect and respond to different types of relational abuse. 

Virtual facilitation pack


  • PDF Facilitation Notes

  • Presentation Slides

in-person facilitation pack


  • PDF Facilitation Notes

  • Printable Hand-Outs

Deconstructing Binary Gender workshop

Coming soon!