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Who are we?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We reached 400 followers after 2 months and we're so grateful. Small but growing is a great place to be, and we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves for transparency and accountability.

Interested in joining us? We want to make our platform work for you! Whether you want to co-create a zine or jump on board as a creator, we’d love to talk to you about collaborating. Send us a DM and we can get to work!



Heather (she/her) is a recent graduate who holds a B.A. in social psychology and feminist theory. Her interests in sex education center on integrating critical social theory into sex and relationship education & therapy, and creating queer-inclusive & consent-based curriculum and policy. She currently works as a Youth Inclusion Facilitator, organizing community advocacy and s3x ed groups with LGBTQ+ youth across Massachusetts.


Al/Aly (they/she) is a pleasure-based sexuality educator based in Amsterdam and recent graduate who holds a Masters of Sciences in Sociology: Gender, Sexuality, and Society. Before their Masters they earned a B.A. focused on sexuality education, gender and sexual identity, and sexual health. They have worked at several international nongovernmental organizations as a researcher on pleasure focused sexual and reproductive health and rights initiatives. Their work focuses on intersections of power, health, knowledge, identity, pleasure, and educational pedagogy. Long story short, Al is working to make sex education as pleasure based, inclusive, and queer as possible!

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