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REst and Personal Sustainability

If you follow us either here on our website, or on our social media accounts you've probably noticed we've slowed down a bit (and at moments to a halt) in terms of content creation. This has nothing to do with our love of the project, or the work but put simply- life happens! And sometimes when life happens we need breaks. Breaks are healthy, important, and at times life-preserving. They allow us to step back and see how we can keep going in whatever way is best for us.

Sustainability is political

In highlighting our break, we wanted to bring attention to the revolution of personal sustainability that has been underway for years now. Taking a break from something you love (or something you don’t love) is radical in itself. Our society depends on the exploitation of workers and labor, which equates happiness with production, and self-advocacy with laziness. Recognizing your capacity for work disrupts a culture of white supremacy that our workspaces (and relationships) typically rely on.

We love working on the Queer Sex Ed CC project. Making these zines, doing research, hopping on zoom meetings, and working closely with this community bring us so much joy and meaning. We are passionate about this work, but we recognize that in order to maintain our level of commitment, we need to take breaks. Sustainability doesn’t rely on excitement alone; it requires intentionality and awareness of our own capacities.

Burn-out is real, and during this pandemic year, most of us are experiencing different (or more intense) disruptions of our energy. The idea of taking breaks, “mental health days,” or weeks off is showing up often in mainstream media. But these ideas did not just arise organically; many people, specifically Black femmes, have been doing the work to normalize these notions of rest and sustainability in our society. We have to recognize their work every time we take advantage of these politics of sustainability.

What does supremacy culture mean here?

What does it look like?

As with many things that are political and professional, these ways of viewing the world and ourselves seep into elements of our personal lives. This is one of the many reasons it is so important we pause to stop and think.

Capitalism and whiteness do not need to define our relationships and self-concepts. And even though it's a lot of work, it's up to us to combat these notions, in ourselves, our personal and professional lives, and everywhere.

We implore you to join us and in whatever way you can fight back against this culture in a way that feels genuine and healthy to you. A step towards granting yourself the rest you deserve could be simple as taking a nap when you're tired. It can include any of our suggestions (left) or create ones on your own, or even with your communities.

And, remember when we advocate together we are more powerful. If you feel like you're burning out, please access your network. And if this is fueled by your work life, please consider options for unionizing if it is accessible

to you. Together we are always stronger.

We are back now, and will continue to rest as we need but we can't wait to keep creating with love and pleasure,

Al and Heather


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