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The Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum is a collection of resources meant to fill in the gaps left in our understanding of sexual health and relational well-being. This is information that we need and deserve to know. This is also information that may have been systemically withheld from us due to content barriers, heteronormative and cis-gendered educational standards, and generic ignorance or unfamiliarity by our policy makers, curriculum developers, and educators. Either way, the large majority of us are suffering from a miseducation around sex and relationships, and I am interested in unlearning that education alongside you all.

This is a virtual communal space where resources can be collected and shared widely and, of course, for free. On this site, you will find what we have been researching, reading, and thinking about - as well as what other community members have been exploring. You can access the zine archive, where all of this information is stored and condensed, and download free curriculums, trainings, and webinars curated by the queer sex ed community.

We welcome you to this space; please take what you need and leave what you can. This is a living, breathing project, and it will change day by day and week by week. Check in as often as you'd like! If you have questions or suggestions for topics of research, or if you would simply like to connect, please contact us through the link below.


A community curriculum is a living, breathing archive. It is constantly updated in response to new information, different voices and perspectives, critiques and constructive criticism, and everything else that contributes to the guaranteed fluctuation of meaning. We hope this curriculum reflects the assets of our community, and holds or creates spaces for many. This curriculum will ideally never be completed, and will ideally never be entirely authored by just one human.


We want to work with you! Whether you are new to the field or an experienced educator, we hope to connect and find a way for our platform to showcase your voice, questions, or ideas. In the past, we have created collaborative projects such as co-written blog posts or zines with both individuals and organizations. If you're interested in connecting to brainstorm possible projects, please contact us through the form below or reach out to us on Instagram @queersexedcc.

The Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum began with the goal to further our own sexual health education and spend a year training ourselves to become a more informed and more expansively educated facilitators. As resources began to pile up, we imagined a virtual space where this exploration could occur communally. We are all at different stages of learning and unlearning what it means to be healthy and knowledgable in sex and relationships. We may feel like we are familiar with these topics, or we may feel like we know close to nothing. Either way, we each have something to contribute to the conversation. In fact, just having a conversation about sex and relationships is a huge step by society's standards. We hope this archive may serve you well.

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