The Queer Sex Ed Community Curriculum is a free sexual and relational health curriculum for young people and adults.

LGBTQ Flags Center

Image description: multiple strings of pride flags shown blowing in the wind, connected to a brick building during sunset.

Our Mission

  • QSECC strives to create a pleasure-centered, trauma-informed, queer-inclusive, and socially conscious curriculum.

  • QSECC is an expansive platform that is committed to reimagining the ways that knowledge is created, collected, and validated. To that extent, we aspire to be an open-source archive of knowledge that stems from many voices and perspectives

  • QSECC attempts to disrupt the established hierarchy of validation of knowledge by purposefully uplifting the voices and knowledge of those who may not have access to institutions of higher education, degrees, years of experience, the body, or the background typically endowed with epistemic authority (or the power to create truths).

What is a community curriculum?

A community curriculum is a living, breathing archive. It is constantly updated in response to new information, different perspectives, critiques and criticism, and the many other factors that contribute to the guaranteed fluctuation of meaning.


We hope this curriculum reflects the assets of our community while holding or creating the space for whoever is accessing it. This curriculum will ideally never be completed, and will ideally never be authored by just one person.