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New "Pleasure-Based Consent" curriculum now available.

Did you know we offer free curriculums?

These customizable trainings come with an agenda, step-by-step facilitation instructions, hand-outs, accompanying slides, and more. They are made for anyone to use and share with their communities.

This PDF is free for you to download. We made sure to design these workshops to function both in-person or virtually and to be engaging and accessible regardless of educational background or age. Bring it to your student group, organization, professional development program, or any place that might need some education on consent, boundaries, and relationship safety.

Whether you are new to leading workshops or an experienced facilitator, we hope these curriculums serve as a useful tool in spreading knowledge and awareness of important topics like consent, gender identity, queer inclusivity, accessibility, and more.

CW: this training includes descriptions of s3xually explicit content, domestic abuse, and s3xual assault.

Download the free PDF here! Or check out:

Pleasure-Based Consent Training QSECC
Download PD • 1.46MB

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