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Anti-Fat Bias and the Queer Community

Anti-fat bias (or fat phobia) is, as @aubreygordon describes, is an umbrella term for "the attitudes, behaviors, and social systems that specifically marginalize, exclude, underserve, and oppress fat bodies.”

As a community, queer folks are not exempt from perpetuating this bias. If we take a look at popular queer media, we see the same kinds of bodies represented again and again: thin or straight-sized folks, usually white, and almost always able-bodied. What does this mean for our community as a whole?

When we began researching fat trans visibility, we fell into a rabbit hole of research at the intersection of fat studies and queer theory. Fat and gender are extremely interconnected, from disparities in health care to the idea of embodying gender.

Anti-fat bias is a problem in our community, and we hope that this work and these zines can begin to shed light on the issues. Check in next week when we dive into the intersections of anti-fat bias and capitalism.

A note from the authors: We want to acknowledge our positionally as straight-sized, white, and able-bodied queer people. We want to highlight these issues because they matter, while being careful not to claim them as our own lived experiences.

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